Goldie Bush and Mokoroa Stream loop

Great walking or running track along stream, to the top of two wonderfull waterfalls and then back through regenerating native bush.

This track is composite of 3 different tracks - Goldie Bush Walkway, Mokoroa Falls track and Mokoroa Stream track. It starts at western entry of Goldie Bush Walkway at Constable Road, Muriwai which is approximately 45km from the central Auckland. There is a little carpark and lond drop toilet.

After approximately 1km the track splits so be careful and keep on Goldie Bush walkway and don’t follow the Hillary trail. Then you will reach a little bridge where the loop starts - you can either turn left and follow the Mokoroa Stream track up to Waterfalls first, or you can cross the bridge, keep following the Goldie Bush Walkway up to hill and then return back via Mokora Falls track.

I think it’s better take the first option as the stream track could be slippery and muddy after rains and it’s always best to go uphill in such terrain.